Stomping Grounds
January 24, 2019
5 pm- 8 pm

Join us for Free Write's Monthly installment of Stomping Grounds on December 20th from 5-8pm. Hosted by CAD Resident Organization Free Write Arts & Literacy, Stomping Grounds is a free monthly open stage ...

Bodies: Materials & Digital; Substances & Containers
Opening February 8, 2019
6 pm- 10 pm

Bodies: Material & Digital; Substances & Containers will intersect the work of four artists (Jonathan Korotko, Clareese Hill, Pia Crusalegui and Galina Shevchenko) that explore the issues of the fluidity of the ...

Port of Call
Opening February 8, 2019
6 pm – 10 pm

Port of Call is a shipping industry term referring to the stops that a vessel makes throughout its voyage. Its secondary and vernacular definition refers to “any of a number of places that a person visits in ...

Melt + Toast + Dunk
January 11, 2018
6pm – 10pm

Melt + Toast + Dunk  is an exhibition of temporary sculptures by CAD Core Alum artist, Amie Sell. Made of manufactured food products –cookies, bread & candy– the sculptures recall childhood nostalgia while ...

The Things That Make Us
January 11, 2018
6pm- 10pm

Chicago Art Department is pleased to present work from DePaul University's Visual Arts Education Department. Humans are a complex amalgamation of experience and genes. Biology, serendipity and, perhaps, providence ...