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CAD is space where a simple idea can evolve into something tangible and even extraordinary. (Abraham Velázquez Tello)

CAD is a not necessarily physical space, constantly evolving and constant in its commitment to Chicago artists who are willing, to borrow a phrase, grow collective.  (Hilesh Patel)

CAD has given me the freedom, space, and capacity to grow and develop my artistic voice. (Jen Rosenthal)

CAD is a talented artistic community of friends and a nurturing environment where I can make and show art, curate exhibitions and teach and participate in classes. (Stacy Peterson)

CAD is a place of peace, productivity and creative inspiration. (Devin Breen)

CAD is a delicious piece of cake that I didn’t realize I wanted until I bit into it. (Hansol Goo)

CAD means space for me to achieve my creative endeavors. (Amie Sell)

CAD helps me make sure that I always have time and space for art. (Nat Soti)

What does cad mean to me — best answer by Cheers theme song: Sometimes you want to go –  where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came” (Pei San Ng)

CAD means that I have a part of my life that is about nothing but art: making, exhibiting, teaching, learning,and discussing a (Kirsten Strauss)

I make art for peoples eyes. Chicago Art Deartment is where my art gets seen by the most eyes. Eyes of friends collaborators, critical analysts, and total strangers. (Nathan Peck)

Open and supportive… the opportunity to get on with making/teaching/showing art in a judgement free environment…(Teresa Albor)

CAD to me is a support system for a group of people who have similar goals – to make and share art and ideas. (Jennifer Nalbantyan)

CAD is what you thought being an adult would be like when you were a kid.  (Jason Frohlichstein)

It’s about making connections, sharing ideas, and furthering the pursuit of one’s art and the artist lifestyle. (Seth Gershberg)

A place where I can connect with the finer side of art, that acts as a balance against the world of advertising and design (aka my job). A place where I can create, show, curate, or just hang out, but always in good company. (Mike Wilgus)

CAD is a good warm up for all of those who want to play art. (Marta Sasinowska)

CAD is a forum for artistic and creative development, conversation, inspiration and exchange of ideas (Edyta Stepien)

Chicago Art Department is a place where I will always feel at home. It’s a place where great people make art without boundaries and make friends for a lifetime.  It’s a community bound together by a common mission to challenge the norm. It’s an environment filled with optimism, freedom, passion and excitement for new ideas, technology, and creativity.  I heart CAD! (Shellie Argeanton)

CAD to me is a platform for sharing my work with an audience sensitive to beauty, pain, open to my perception of the world. CAD also means I can reach out to other artists and create things together, or at least get inspired by ideas, they might have and enrich my own work. (Agnieszka Furtak)

A self-less focus on giving emerging talent a voice in Chicago. A true labor of love. (Peter Vukosavich)

CAD represents a good mix of arts and education. (Chuck Przybyl)

When I think of cutting edge art and artists CAD is the first thing that comes to mind. It’s probably the only place in the midwest that produces important art that pushes the envelope enough to show what real art is. (John Diekmann)

The Chicago Art Department represents the staying power of artistic vision.  With an approach that renews itself like an ocean’s tides, CAD produces waves of art and communities of support to nurture talent, explore a city, and festoon a planet crying out for better decor. (Tom Laporte)

Chicago Art Department means a great resource for all things in the department of Chicago art. A real hub, a gem. (James Jankowiak)

Chicago Art Department means the best post-Thanksgiving Jam ever, dear friends and always good times. (Heather Crosby)