Core Resident: Ahmed Ozsever

Ahmed Ozsever is an interdisciplinary artist based in Chicago. He often works in installation and embraces architectural anomalies, as well as the hidden histories of a given location and exhibition space. His background in photography informs his recurring interest in the process and limitations of a photographic way of looking. Ahmed explores a variety of subjects including; the articulation and perception of constructed temporalities, mediated experiences of land(scape), and peculiar human traces inscribed in quotidian spaces. Ahmed earned his BFA from Herron School of Art in his hometown of Indianapolis, IN and received his MFA from Cornell University in 2015.

As a Core Resident exploring Immigration Ozsever plans to create a new multi-faceted body of work that addresses the discrepancies in the first and second generation experience. The first project entails making a short film/video project that examines the Bosporus strait as a site of cultural and physical division that impacts commerce and infrastructure that binds the built environment to the natural world.


WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS:  Sundays, 12 pm- 5 pm 
Port of Call- Group Exhibition, Opening Feb. 8, 2019
Long Time No See – Group Exhibition, Fall 2018

Port of Call, Neeraja D, Sealand, Still Image from Video