Core Resident: Free Write Arts and Literacy NPF

Free Write Arts & Literacy engages incarcerated and court-involved youth and young adults in the performing, visual, and literary arts so that they become the narrators of their own stories and the authors of their futures. By co-designing creative space with our students, Free Write supports them as they develop educational and career opportunities that reduce recidivism while also contributing to the public discourse around issues of youth incarceration.

Through one-on-one literacy tutoring and workshops in creative writing, visual art, music production, and workforce development, Free Write students build competencies in reading and writing, art making, technical skills, community building, and critical thinking. Students hone and exemplify these skills through publication, exhibition, and performance opportunities while incarcerated and upon returning to the community.

As a CAD Core Resident exploring the theme of Justice, Free Write will utilize CAD’s space for capacity building and strategic planning, with input from CAD Residents, Core Residents, students, the board of directors, external evaluators, and other stakeholders. Additionally, they will exhibit multimedia work created by criminalized youth to enable a public discourse around systems of incarceration and the conditions that give rise to them.

Fridays, 12 noon- 2pm



The Baldwin Protocols: Why Our Last Names are French- Winter, 2018
Long Time No See – Group Exhibition, Fall 2018