Core Resident: Rae Chardonnay

Rae Chardonnay is a DJ and Arts Administrator with a background in event production. She is the Founder of Black Eutopia, a series of segmented programming intended to cultivate space for marginalized communities. She is also co-founder of Party Noire. Rae utilizes her passion for activism to create community outreach +development strategies through event coordination, art + music. Her involvement in programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Stony Island Arts Bank, School of the Art Institute and Soho House Chicago have catapulted her career in unimaginable ways. She is dedicated to encouraging a life of open-minded learning and expression.

As CAD’s Core Resident exploring Crossing Borders, Chardonnay will further explore her Black Eutopia program series, an intersectional space which aims to address physical space complications in Black + Brown marginalized communities. Black Eutopia reimagines ideal situations in atypical spaces, through interrogating the connections between migration, labor + art with the hope of developing robust ideas for visioning + activating self-sustaining bliss.

Tuesdays, 530-7pm
Black Utopia Minifest- Event, Winter, 2018
Long Time No See – Group Exhibition, Fall 2018