Dainty and The Divine> Opening, March 8, 2019
6 pm- 10 pm

DAINTY & DIVINE explores ideas of divinity, dainty and the ethereal through nostalgia, memory, religious imagery or the tedious and rewarding process of self-love. Artists include Dory Whynot, Vaishnavi Pernenkil, Alexa Edwards, Tatiana Benin-Giust, Eunpyon, Andy Leaf, Jessa Mae Mendiola, Likrot, Machaila Gray, Lizbeth Rojas, Catherine Kingsada, Christian Leo Guerrero, Ufuk Ata Öztürk, and Joi Fulton.

Dainty & The Divine is curated by CAD Resident Artist Joi Fulton.

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