Friday, March 9, 6-10pm
CAD West


Chicago Art Department is pleased to present a one-night showing of work by artist Jiwon Moon. Join us for this pop-up reception on Friday March 9th, from 6-10pm.

Artist Statement: My work centers around my contemplations — trying to express feelings of respect to diversity. The work focuses on conflicts between entities caused by differences in the world. The differences stem from the fact that human beings are not artificially made, but rather made by nature, and this truth will never change. In this aspect, I chose to question how we can mitigate the nature of conflict. My conclusion was that we should think critically about our attitudes towards difference. In this exhibition, Mixed World, I am trying to show that I experience mixed styles, especially in collages. Every single piece is taken by me in different cities and different countries. It’s not really easy to find landmarks in this collage, however, I hope you have fun when you find something in these city or places you have been before, and my colors as well.

For information about the artist or exhibition or works, please contact CAD Resident Artist Ciera McKissick at

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