NYE 2019
Dec 31, 2018

NYE shouldn’t be a hassle, so AMFM and Chicago Art Department are hosting “Something Chill” for NYE 2019. The party will take place in the Chicago Art Department’s new and renovated space on 1932 S Halsted. With an emphasis on the fact that this will not be your typical NYE, the event wishes to create a space where people can ring in the New Year in style without breaking the bank or being in extremely overcrowded bars and dancefloors. Instead ‘Something Chill’ invites guests into a multi-room event with a dancefloor, lounge, art gallery and food area.  In true AMFM fashion, the event will feature not only music but also interactive art and other types of performances and guests can expect this to be a NYE party like no other.

Tickets are available below and we recommend guests RSVP on the FacebookEvent page to be kept in the know.  

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