Open Your Body.
Tame Your Beasts/
work in progress Opening
Nov. 10th 6-10pm

Galina Shevchenko
Nov 10-Nov 17th
CAD West
Opening Reception Nov 10 6-10 pm

My practice encompasses multiple modes of expression and image processing: I am experimenting with precision of digital fabrication, visceral materiality of printmaking and fiber production, drawing, animation and video matter.  

My work is preoccupied with creating and processing the image of the body. I am interested in a body and its multiple iterations: as a beautiful entity, body in transition, androgynous, animal body, non-human/post human body, body visceral,  alive and moving, the  body of a monster.

Monsters inhabit the liminal world of primordial desire. They are embryos and embryo carriers. They contaminate each other with desires and diseases. I have perfected the deformities of their bodies:  bodies of beautiful others, human, queer and playful, yet full of spirituality. I want to create taxonomies of meaning that transcend the human condition of “new normal”.   Nothing is abnormal: extruded lesions, dangerous flowers of  cancerous  ingrowings, mothered, aged, diseased bodies, bodies are loving and loved.

Through multiple modes of expression and processing of the image of the body, I am attempting to produce multiple modes of attention and evoke visceral materiality of  digital  projected image  of androgynous creatures unfolding our constant condition of desire, intimacy, disease. Exquisite and expressive moving lines and reflections put the work into constant rhizomatic becoming, emulating human condition, contaminating, expanding contracting space and time, immersing and extruding, glowing and reflecting… There is no resolution in the infinite dances of the monsters/ “the others”. The “others” are seducing and taking the viewer into the ”other” side.

I constantly deconstruct and re-contextualize my drawing, but the form, the human androgynous form in transition, metamorphosis, transparency remains. I am working on perfecting the form, its iterations.  Monsters are rapidly multiplying and I am attempting to organize them into their world structure.

The world I am creating is ambiguous yet resonating on multiple levels: through movement, line, environmental integration, media processing and deconstruction.  I construct and mutilate bodies. I am also connecting to my body and taking it inside out metaphorically. I muse with the idea of flesh, but I operate within the virtual matter. My matter is virtual but apparent through visceral movement. It is a vibrant matter, vibrant digital matter.

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