Sebastian Bruno-Harris is a sculptor working with ephemeral assemblages of everyday objects and organic materials. Born in San Juan (PR) and raised between Buenos Aires (ARG) and South Florida Sebastian studied at Florida Atlantic University earning his BFA in sculpture in 2016. Sebastian is currently taking a gap year from working towards his MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art. Through his work Sebastian explores ideas of affect and perception.

At the core of my practice is a desire to harness that feeling when you look at something ordinary and it strikes you as new and strange. My practice investigates how environments shape human interaction and behavior by examining overlapping modes of perception holistically. I make assemblages that lie somewhere between imagined landscapes, systems, and devices using industrial, natural, and everyday materials like dowels, photographs, videos, plants, found objects, and miniature model/diorama parts. Using these materials I create speculative models of ordinary affective encounters as ways of examining media forms, representations and narratives, cultural framings and meaning-making processes. Affects, in this sense, pose questions about the links between the subjective and cultural, individual and social, self and other, inside and outside, essentially asking how identities are lived, felt, and practiced, through the embodied feeling of a continual motion of relations, scenes, contingencies, and emergences born from the everyday. Through my work then I illustrate ways in which objects, places, states of mind, memories, and preoccupations can link and consolidate into abstract, whimsical scenes where boundaries between functions, purposes, contexts and histories blur. I make drawings, sculptures, installations, and videos that act as invitations for viewers to contemplate the kaleidoscopic nature of affects, communicating a mélange of thoughts, feelings, impressions, and dreams.

Insta: sebasbru