On Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 5:05pm, Martha Gonzalez, a life-long resident of Pilsen was a victim of a fatal hit-and-run incident at the intersection of 18th & Halsted in Chicago.  She was walking westbound across Halsted when she was struck by a northbound car and subsequently stuck by the northbound No. 18 CTA bus following the vehicle.  The driver of the first vehicle involved is still being sought after.

The Martha Gonzalez Memorial Committee (MGMC) are asking for you to  sign a petition as fellow concerned citizens, if you would like to see the intersection of 18th Street & Halsted improved for safety.  Several of their demands include:  No Turn on Red Signs, Left Turn Signals, Numbered Pedestrian Signals, Photo Enforcement cameras, Protection of the sidewalk against drivers cutting corners, Yellow Pedestrian Crossing Signs, Improved Timing, etc…All reasonable requests to improve pedestrian safety!

MGMC is working with Alderman Daniel Solis and other city officials in order to work on making 18th and Halsted a safer intersection for the Pilsen community.

Once there are at least 1,000 signatures the petition will be taken to the Alderman’s office, CDOT and OEMC.  The road to change and a safer community for you and your family starts with one concerned citizen at a time.  Please let that person be you!

Please visit the web-petition and sign TODAY!!!

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