Friday Feb 12, 4-10pm
CAD East


Seen + Heard: Treats
A Publication Release Party and Exhibition
by Rachel L. S. Harper and Ada Grey, with Jennifer Sampson
Friday Feb 12, 6-10pm, CAD East

Celebrate the launch of a new platform advocating for the cultural works of people ages 0-12, Seen + Heard. We will unveil the web-based inaugural issue, Treats, by Ada Grey with Jennifer Sampson, and present selections of original works, as well as exhibit selected responses and supplements created by adult artists.

Ada Grey, age 11, is an actress and theater critic who undertakes her significant works in Chicago. She has been authoring her much-admired blog, Ada Grey Reviews for You, for 7 years, with the help of her mother, Jennifer Sampson, a literature scholar who helps Rachel and Ada with all of their collaborations, including this exhibition. Learn more about Ada and her theme of “Treats,” on the Treats issue website:

Rachel L. S. Harper’s overarching project of “Seen + Heard” is an online publication in two parts: the current issue features a curated collection of new and old works by people age 0-12, and the daily seen is a growing archive of visual art, music, poetry, theater writing, dance, film, graffiti, other creative writing, invention and other science, philosophy, and other cultural works of children.

The purpose of this project is to create a platform from which to cogently advocate for the powerful wisdom of children, which is otherwise neglected from our mainstream culture and erased by our institutions of arts and sciences.


“Caves” by Maia, 2015. A new original cave by Maia will be on view for the exhibition.


Public podium, gift to 6018North, by Jim Duignan, 2014. Duignan’s first child-scale podium, created for the occasion of the inauguration of Seen + Heard, will be on view.


Ada and Rachel have been admiring art together since Ada was 2 years old and Rachel was 26 years old, when they met by chance in 2006 at the Art Institute of Chicago, near Turner’s “Fishing Boats with Hucksters Bargaining for Fish,” with Ada’s mom, Jennifer. Here, the project’s collaborators are pictured in 2007, with Ada teaching Rachel about van Gogh’s painting, “Madame Roulin Rocking the Cradle,” also at the Art Institute.


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