Chicago Art Department Awarded $150,000 Grant From MacArthur Foundation to Create Works for Digital Media and Learning Initiative


In April of 2013, the Chicago Art Department received a $150,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to produce video and related creative works over the course of the next year in support of their Digital Media and Learning Initiative.

Digital Media and Learning Overview

MacArthur is exploring how digital media are changing the way young people learn, play, socialize, and participate in civic life. The goal is to make education more powerful for all students by creating more opportunities for more youth to engage in learning that is relevant to their lives and prepares them for success in school, the workplace, and their community.

Promoting the Work of the DML Community

The goal of the grant is to create videos and related creative works that promote, tell the stories, and present the ideas of the important work being done by the DML community to a broader public.  This work will include the work being done around Open Badges, Hive
Learning Networks
, Learning Labs, Connected Learning and the Aspen Task Force.

Current Projects

Chicago Summer of Learning

(Credits:  Nat Soti  (Writer, Editor)  Chuck Przybyl (Director of Photography) Edyta Stepien (Designer)
Chicago Art Department’s first project was to create a short promotional video to for Chicago Summer of Learning. Chicago Summer of Learning is a city-wide learning initiative that engages young people in hands-on learning. With Chicago Summer of Learning, Chicago becomes the first city to implement Badges to recognize all the learning that will happen the summer.
Open Badges

(Credits:  Nat Soti  (Writer, Editor)  Edyta Stepien (Motion Graphics Designer) Chuck Przybyl (Director of Photography)

Open Badges is a 21st Century credentialing approach that is designed to recognize the learning that happens anywhere and lets it share it in the places that matter to us.  Chicago Art Department created the video “What is a Badge?” to introduce and promote this new approach.

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