Exiled in Light :|: Transfiguration July 8 – 22, 2022

The Chicago Art Department presents Exiled in Light :|: Transfiguration, an immersive art installation by Valerie Xanos in conversation with movement performances by Allen Turner.

 “I create immersive environments that are contemplative and trance-inducing in order to produce shifts of sensual perception for the participating viewer. Projections of animations provide portals to sublime light and dark visions based on my experience of being exiled in an alternate universe which is both tragic and sensual, sinister and soothing.”  – Valerie Xanos

“I am the liminal spirit in the spaces in-between. Come wander the dimensions with us” – Allen Turner

Exiled in Light :|: Transfiguration explores concepts of portals and interdimensional transmutation. The Exiled in Light series uses immersive light projections of video animation, fabric installation, and an ambient soundscape to focus on personal narratives of sensory experience, body, memory, and perceptual light shifts. Visceral memories of our micro and macro worlds of the body and cosmos are evoked through this experience. The aesthetics were born from intense observation from a point of view of neurodivergence. Based upon theories of phenomenology, the work is a vehicle designed to transport the viewer into worlds of alternate perception, thus creating other-worldly sensations. Embracing a slow moving cadence, Allen’s movement exploration within the installation will express this other-worldly journey, creating a narrative of transfiguration as the liminal body becomes one with the inter-dimensional spaces. 


2nd Friday Viewing and Performances: July 8, 7:30 – 10pm

Performances at 9pm & 9:30 pm.

Additional Viewing and Performances: July 15, 7:30 – 10pm

Performances at 9pm & 9:30 pm.

Duration: July 8 – July 22 (with viewing by appointment in evening hours).

Artist Bios – click this link

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