Connected Works

Connected Works is a program funded by the MacArthur Foundation to promote and spread their work in Digital Media and Learning (DML), Connected Learning, and Cities of Learning  through design, media production, and art.   This program provides professional opportunities for CAD Resident Artists as well as the broader art and creative community.

This work consists of 3 areas:

Design and Media Production Services for DML, Connected Learning, and Cities of Learning Community

CAD provides design and media production services to the DML, Connected Learning, and Cities of Learning community in projects geared towards presentations and storytelling. This work includes design and communication consultation, program documentation, production of videos for programs and initiatives, graphic design support for presentations and communications materials.

Original Content Production

CAD develops and produces original productions that expands storytelling approaches and seeks to reach a broader public audience, especially young adults (high school and college age). Original content production emphasizes work with compelling, unique points of view as well as innovative, creative approaches to storytelling that have the potential to resonate in popular culture. The work is primarily video-based but is open to other forms of visual and multimedia storytelling.

Engaging Artists and Creatives in Connected Learning

CONNECT*ED engages the artists and creatives in the exploration of learning as art and art practice. CONNECT*ED is currently engaging artists and creatives around the spread of Connected Learning and Chicago City of Learning beyond academic activity to cultural identity, expression, and lifestyle. This includes the creation of works of art and design, exhibitions, events, and cultural activity that address this challenge.


Connected Works Project Team

Nat Soti
Program Director

Edyta Stepien
Creative Director

Chuck Przybyl
Production Director

Sara Medelin
Project Manager



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