Crystal Ball
Saturday, December 7, 2019
7:00-10:00 p.m.
Chicago Art Department
1926 South Halsted
Chicago, IL 60608

Chicago Art Department’s 15th Anniversary Questions the Future!

On December 7, CAD is celebrating its 15 year anniversary (crystal anniversary) with a Crystal Ball fundraiser. CAD is aiming to raise funds to support its Studio Residency, Think-Tank, Exhibitions, and Pubic Events programs. Crystal Ball will be an evening of art, performance, celebrating our artists, and exploring our vision for the coming year.

Chicago Art Department is a not-for-profit art project space, providing resources for socially minded artists to grow and question the city we live in. Located in Pilsen since 2004, the core of CAD’s current work stems from residency programs focused on civically-engaged work. Studio Residents for 2019 include: Brandon Breaux, Arif Smith, Chuck Pryzbyl, Dud Lawson, Edyta Stepian, Galina Shevchenko, Jane Georges, Joi Fulton, Kent Henderson, Lisa Jenshke, Macus Alonso, Shelby Rodeffer, Silvia Ines Gonzalez, Valerie Xanos, and Vicko. CAD Core Think Tanks are led by Joseph Josue Mora, David Stovall, and Ciera McKissick. CAD Co-Lab artists for 2019 are Amanda Williams, Damon Locks, and Free Write Arts & Literacy.

Crystal Ball will be an experiential evening, designed to playfully predict the future, fundraise support, and friend-raise. The event will showcase performances, works, and experiences by:

Macus Alonso (auction art)
Jeffrey Austin (art auction)
Brandon Breaux (auction art)
Dud Lawson + Kent Henderson (talk)
Documents Bureau (installation performance)
Marcelo Eli (art auction)
Jane Georges (auction art and installation)
Silvia Gonzalez (art auction and talk)
Nathan Hiemstra (art auction)
Joseph Josue Mora (auction experience)
Sam Kirk (auction art)
Rodrigo Lara Zendejas (auction art)
Caroline Liu (auction art)
Damon Locks (music)
Dana Major (installation and crystal seeing)
Edyta Stepien+Birdie Soti (auction experience)
Patric McCoy (auction experience)
John Preus (auction art)
Shelby Rodeffer (art auction and installation)
Galina Shevchenko (auction art)
Arif Smith (music)
Norman Teague (auction art)
Rhonda Wheatley (tarot/oracle card reading)
Amanda Williams (auction experience)
Auction art curated by Ciera McKissick and Zakkiyyah Najeebah

Sit down with artist and energy healer Rhonda Wheatley for a tarot/oracle card reading, and gain insights into your most burning questions!

Join Dana Major in her multigenerational family practice of using quartz crystals to See your inner light, a practice known as scrying. Dana will be offering 3-10 minute Crystal Seeings in celebration of CAD.

Be inspired, as artist and poet Melissa Castro Almandina’s (of Brown and Proud Press & AMFM Gallery) creates personalized typewritten poems for guests.

Crystal Ball support will help sustain our Think Tank and Exhibitions programs, which this year are exploring themes of Immigration, Displacement, Equity in Teaching, and Civic Voices.

Crystal Ball will be on Saturday December 7th, 7-10pm. 1926 S. Halsted.
Featuring dinner and drinks, experiences, auction items,

performances by Damon Locks and Arif Smith – from Black Monument Ensemble.

Ticket Prices
Artist – $40 (1 ticket)
Individual Patron – $50 (1 ticket)
Couple – $85
Ten – $475

CAD works to support Chicago and specifically, Pilsen people. We greatly value their efforts to support not only an artistic community but also a civic one.
Byron Sichgo-Lopez
25th Ward Alderman

CAD has been a sacred space for me for years and I’m honored to be a part of this community. From pitching my first mural to co-curating an all-women international sign painting exposition, CAD has been the cornerstone of some of my life’s biggest landmarks. 
Shelby Rodeffer
Studio Residency Program, 2019-20
CAD Street Canvas Artist, 2017-18

“Being one of the younger residents at CAD was definitely a bit daunting but everyone was so supportive and helpful to me while I was going through my growing pains as a young artist but I’m glad I can call CAD home because it’s definitely is a second home to me.”
Joi Fulton
Studio Residency Program, 2018-19

“Space is queen… I am thankful for space, inside my studio and the expansive gallery walls throughout CAD that enable big thoughts to occur.  Equally, the diversity of mind and practice, community and support, both within and extended…”
Jane Georges
Studio Residency Program, 2019-20

CAD has very quickly become a necessity in my practice. As a full time educator in CPS, having s space like CAD reflect critical ideas related to social consciousness and critical thought has catalyzed my personal art practice as well as education work with youth. I have a new energy and excitement around producing work and sharing it with my peers at CAD because of the thoughtfulness embodied in our unique practices inspires me. 
Silvia Gonzalez
Studio Residency Program, 2019-20

During my time at CAD, the greatest value I received was the relationships that I built with many talented artists and art professionals. The feedback given about the work I was producing helped me to see other perspectives while I was in the process and could make changes, which I know improved the final results of that body of work. 
Sam Kirk
Core Resident Artist, 2018-19

CAD continues to be a repository for artist-led creativity and agency.
Amanda Williams
Co-Lab Artist, 2018-2019

CAD is a space where I feel comfortable to experiment in my artwork
but also to explore my teaching style.
Joseph Josue Mora
Core Immigration Artist, 2018-19
Core Teaching Artist, 2019-20

Throughout FW’s history, CAD has been an integral partner to our organization’s growth and development. CAD has been artistic and political home for Free Write and has been an amazing collaborator as we deepen our community based work and enhanced our ability to expand the audience for our students’ work.
Mathilda de Dios
Free Write Arts & Literacy, Co-Lab 2017-19

An incredible resource for and value to studio practices at all levels. It’s an amazing community and provides a perfect space to grown in an art practice.
Brandon Breaux
Studio Residency Program, 2016-2019

If it wasn’t for CAD my life would def be a lot less interesting, that’s for sure.
Dud Lawson
Studio Residency Program, 2014-2019

More than anything CAD gave me a home, a community of artists to call family, during a time in my career when family was something I needed most. Looking back on the last few years,  I carry so many of those relationships with me; those same faces, are still an integral part of my making & being; and for that and so much more I will forever be thankful for what CAD has done for Chicago’s art community.
Derrick Woods-Morrow
Studio Residency Program, 2017-18