Cyborgs: Ancient & Current — Imagining & Performing
February 14

This exhibition explores the aesthetic modalities of artificial intelligence, its various embodiments and temporalities. Musing with ideas of identity, labor, circuitry and mediation, artists in the show engage digital fabrication, simulated poetry, virtual reality, robotic materiality and interactive software—producing cyborgs, expressing cyborgs, performing cyborgs and becoming cyborgs.

Curated by Galina Shevchenko

Participating artists & Performers:
Kim Alpert
Dani Che
Morgan Green
Kiku Hibino
Clareese Hill
Elizabeth Koprucki
Graham Livingston
Michelle Murphy
Liviu Pasare
Ramin Takloo-Bighash
Erin Schalk
Galina Shevchenko
Nika Synth
Annie Weiseth

Friday February 7th 6pm-10pm
Opening Reception & Performance Series 1

Friday February 14th 6pm-10pm
Performance Series 2

Friday February 28th 6pm-10pm
Closing Reception & Performance Series 3

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