Artists Talk: Bodies,
February 9th, 5 pm- 8 pm

Join us for Artists in Conversation around the exhibition, Bodies: Material & Digital; Substances & Containers. Artists Jonathan Korotko, Clareese Hill, Pia Cruzalegui and Galina Shevchenko will discuss how ...

Melt + Toast + Dunk
January 11, 2018
6pm – 10pm

Melt + Toast + Dunk  is an exhibition of temporary sculptures by CAD Core Alum artist, Amie Sell. Made of manufactured food products –cookies, bread & candy– the sculptures recall childhood nostalgia while ...

The Things That Make Us
January 11, 2018
6pm- 10pm

Chicago Art Department is pleased to present work from DePaul University's Visual Arts Education Department. Humans are a complex amalgamation of experience and genes. Biology, serendipity and, perhaps, providence ...

Infill Housing on Five Sites
January 11, 2018
6pm- 10pm

Infill Housing on Five Sites in East Pilsen is work from a studio/seminar hybrid course at The University of Chicago based in Chicago’s common residential buildings. Students from a range of disciplinary ...

NYE 2019
Dec 31, 2018

NYE shouldn’t be a hassle, so AMFM and Chicago Art Department are hosting “Something Chill” for NYE 2019. The party will take place in the Chicago Art Department’s new and renovated space on 1932 S Halsted. With ...