A Woman For All Seasons
Feb 10-26, 2023

A Woman For All Seasons Exhibition

This exhibition celebrates the life and art of Darlene Gambotz. Raised in Chicago’s Little Italy, Darlene lived a life of adventure. She was a true Renaissance woman, continuously reinventing herself. She was a marine, a veterinarian, a mother and grandmother, a pro-bowler, black belt in multiple martial arts, a musician, a writer, and an artist. She was a spiritual person, always searching for meaning in ritual and mysticism. She studied many religions and practiced Catholicism alongside Santeria. She was a priestess of Chango, the god of lightning. At the age of 51, Darlene studied art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, graduating with a BFA and Post-Baccalaureate. She became a printer, photographer, and a pioneer in the early days of computer generated imagery. She used art as a way to work through her grief due to the losses of her grandmother and brother, as well as an expression of her spiritual journey. She delighted in capturing poignant moments of those she loved and interesting spaces in everyday life.

Darlene passed through the astral portal in 2021. This retrospective is a selection of her work that best represents her passion for life and search for meaning.

There will be an interactive performance by Allen Turner, portraying the trickster god Elegua, guardian of the door. Visitors will be able to join as we dance in a parade that celebrates Darlene’s opening.

2nd Friday Opening: Feb 10-26, 2023.

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