Attunements and Formations
12 April – 24 May 2024

CHICAGO ART DEPARTMENT is pleased to present Attunements and Formations , a
collaborative exhibition by Chicago based artists Sebastian Bruno-Harris, Sofía Fernández
Díaz, and Kushala Vora. Working together for the first time, the three artists will present
individual, as well as collaboratively-made artworks that were developed in conversation for
this exhibition. The exhibition will be on view at Chicago Art Department from April 12 to May
24, 2024. An opening reception with the artists will be held on April 12 from 6-10pm. The
reception is free and open to the public.

Attunements and Formations is an invitation by Sebastian Bruno-Harris, Sofía Fernández Díaz,
and Kushala Vora to witness, respond to, and play with each other’s practices, as a
collaborative exercise in improvisation through shared material inquiries. The exhibition will
feature artworks across media including sculpture, drawing, painting, weaving, video, and
installation, unified by the three artists’ unique ways of foraging, arranging, and altering found
and natural materials. Creating in response to each other’s works, Sebastian, Sofia, and
Kushala aim to expand a shared line of thinking, one that encourages slowing down and close
inspection. By attuning to each other’s approaches to finding, altering, and adapting objects
into new and strange formations, they foster new inquiries and possibilities, allowing their
internal states to shift and resonate with each other’s inner worlds. The exhibition is an effort
to highlight how distinct modes of attention and association-making happen in relation to
natural and urban everyday objects and environments, by exploring how shared sensibilities
snap into place, providing methods for noticing and contemplating the endless, rhizomatic
ways in which things are connected.

Upcoming Public Programs:
Exhibition walkthrough: April 27, 2024
Performance: May 10th, 2024

About the Artists:
Sebastian Bruno-Harris is an artist who makes arrangements of everyday objects and
materials to bring attention to how things can be connected and regarded in simultaneous,
entangled conditions; as signifiers siphoning different functions, contexts, narratives, and
meanings, and through which different places, states of mind, and preoccupations can link and
consolidate into abstract, whimsical scenes.

Sofía Fernández Díaz is searching for the hidden relationships between everything around her.
Her process is fueled by an intimate knowledge of both ancient and modern processes,
combining experimentation, intuition, and play to discover unexpected commonalities between
unrelated materials. Her familiarity with naturally occurring patterns and formations allows her
to recreate these systems using beeswax, fibers, natural dyes and other materials to form
immediate, visceral connections.

Kushala Vora is a visual artist and organizer working in sculpture, drawing and installation. In
and through her practice she focuses on loosening the exertion of power on oneself, another
and the landscape that we reside with. She does this by untangling ways in which we learn
parasitic roots of power through formal and societal education, exploring the accumulation of
these calcified habits and experimenting with unlearning the conditionings associated with her
own education.

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