CAD at The Other Art Fair
11 April – 14 April

Chicago Art Department is thrilled to present the work of Core Residency Artists Catie Burrill and Marylu E. Herrera at The Other Art Fair next month! The fair will once again take place at @artifacteventschicago in Ravenswood.

Both Burrill and Herrera employ the language of textile and craft to translate histories of culture, family, kitsch, and Americana into exquisite installations of fiber and color, all while showcasing rich material knowledge.

Catie Burrill, influenced by her diverse background working in commercial kitchens, traveling circuses, radical puppeteer companies, and costume shops, uses old-world techniques to create jumbo-sized soft sculptures from found materials like worn-out mattresses and commercial faux fur. Her work opens a discourse on tacit and material knowledge, exploring the difference between rags and riches while recontextualizing fur into humorously buoyant beasts.

Marylu E. Herrera, as a Chicana artist, uses her home as a political and personal site of celebration and resistance. Inspired by her family’s practice of collecting memorabilia, she creates installations and sculptures that utilize Rasquache and Domesticana aesthetics, retelling cultural and familial memories through the craft of women’s work. Her practice centers on collections and archives, using various materials to build temporary altars and ornate installations that blur the line between art and everyday life.

The weekend-long event coincides with EXPO Chicago, April 11-14, 2024.

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