Introduction to Natural Pigments-Beginners Guide to Process, March 29th-April 2nd


Introduction to Natural Pigments – Beginners Guide to Process, Material and History

This 5 day, 3 hr, workshop focuses on working with natural pigments, both organic and inorganic. Basis of study will be the pre-historic cave paintings that date back between 10,000 and 40,000 years and related schools of Asian art that exemplify traditional pigment painting methods. Artists will largely focus on process of preparing paint out of pigments and natural binders using some of the oldest and archival techniques and learn about their application in making art. Natural pigments have a distinct aura and when mixed with organic binders in varying densities can be used to create ethereal surfaces. We will be working with natural and naturally derived pigments such as calcium carbonate, powdered clays, oxides, various types of ochers, pine soot and more. We will also be learning to work on different types of natural surfaces along with traditional techniques of paper sizing and mounting. The course includes two lectures on pre-historic cave paintings and related schools, along with noted traditional and contemporary works of artists using natural pigments. Artists working in any medium are welcome.

To know more details about the workshop please write to If you are unable to make the payment in full, payment in installments is acceptable

Workshop Artist : Gunjan Kumar

Gunjan Kumar is an artist based in Chicago originally from India. She has spent many years traveling through India and other countries in Southeast Asia, observing age-old practices in art, visiting archaeological sites, observing prehistoric cave paintings and other tribal arts. All these experiences form the undertone of her art practice. To know more, please visit

Venue : Online on Zoom via Chicago Art Department

Schedule : March 29th- April 2nd 2021, 2-5 pm (5 Day, 3 hr)

Cost : $285

Material Cost : $100


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