Knots & Nodes: Mother to Mother
Opening March 20

Chicago Art Department and MotherArt (MAR) present Knots and Nodes: Mother to Mother, the fifth large scale exhibition by group. MAR is a Chicago-based international collective of mother artists. Recent shows include Lon-art’s Sheroes exhibit in London and re:Birth at SpiltMilk in Edinburgh, Scotland. MAR strives to interrupt and intervene through installations, exhibitions, and written work. Artists in the show explore concepts of shared making and remote collaboration to create work that is unique, educational and inspiring.

Friday, March 20, 2020 Opening Reception 6-9pm 
Performance, 8pm: A Mother’s Second Skin Kintsukouri, with MAR Artist Jenny Keyser

Saturday, March 21, 2020 Workshops + Activations 1pm-4pm 
Zero Waste Weaving Workshop  with CAD Artist Macus Alonso
Embroidery Tales with MAR Artist Beth Iska
Kitchen Table Talks with MAR  Artist Jenny Keyser

Works by Susan Krueger Barber, Sonja Blum, Marjorie Boyles, Jamie Nakagawa Boley, Laura Drey, Elisabeth Dzuricsko, Margarita Fainshtein,Patricia RAIN Gianneschi, Clareese Hill, Beth Iska, Monica Kelsie, Jenny Keyser, Jessica Mueller, Joanne Tepper Saffren, Erin Schalk, Kris Schaedig, Galina Shevchenko, Marika Whitaker, Valerie A Xanos, and CAD studio residents Macus Alonso and Edyta Stepien.

Curated by MAR artists Elisabeth Dzuricsko, Patricia RAIN Gianneschi, Beth Iska, Jenny Keyser, Jessica Mueller & Galina Shevchenko.

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